Resources for Plan Sponsors

To keep up with the changing landscape of rules and regulations surrounding qualified plans is a significant burden for plan sponsors. In this section we provide updated resources and information to help make this unpleasant job a little easier.

Free Benchmarking RFP Process


Recently there’s been a lot of talk about 401(k) plan fee disclosure and the new DOL regulations. These regulations are the product of the grim reality that the vast majority of plans in the nation are overpriced. Lawsuits against 401(k) plan fiduciaries and committees are on the rise and we expect this trend to accelerate as participants become fully aware of costs they’ve never seen before. Wealth Management Advisers LLC is here to help.


At no cost to you WMA will:


  1. Calculate your total plan costs, including hidden fees

  2. Benchmark those costs to your LOCAL marketplace to assess the reasonableness of your plan

  3. Provide recommendations on how to significantly reduce costs and improve participant outcomes

  4. Show you how to severely limit your fiduciary liability


We will do these things for your plan for FREE. Not only will this save you hours of work and satisfy many of your new legal requirements, it will help you renegotiate lower costs with your current provider. 


For more information about how to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


Internet Resources


Following are liniks to several websites that provide excellent content on various issues related to the qualified plan marketplace. By clicking on these links, you will be leaving our web site. - A knowledge service that curates -- finds, groups, organizes and shares -- the best and most relevant information for people who sponsor, advise, design, administer, make policy about, participate, or are otherwise interested in 401k and 403(b) plans. - The Investment Company Institute. This resource center provides FAQs, updates, research, and perspective on 401(k) plans and their participants. - A resource guide provided by the IRS